Professionnal Schools

Professional culinary schools are a fundamental link in the human chain of culinary arts and businesses, that bear the responsibility of training the new actors in catering, production and food.

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Strengthened by the conviction that there is no quality cuisine without quality products, that there are no quality products without transparency, the challenges of linking students to Artisans are decisive in their learning of their future profession.

This is why the Collège Culinaire de France has extended its Appellation to professional catering schools, which bear the responsibility of training new actors in catering, production and food.

Professional schools can join us on the same basis of values and behaviors at the core of our approach and our fundamental principles

  • Transparency on the product origin and production methods
  • Identity, history, passion, know-how
  • The artisanal approach of the work
  • Respecting and teaching seasonality
  • Respect for human, environmental and animal health
  • Soft skills and high relational value in exchanges and practices.

Becoming a School recognized by the CCF means both embodying this new culture of artisan professions and also allowing students to recognize themselves in a humanistic vision of their profession.

You are a a professional school and you wish to join the Collège Culinaire de France?

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